Use Words Part II

The second edition of the self-study book for basic and intermediate

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Use Words in Polish II

The upcoming book is the continuation of the first edition. The book is suitable for students that are already basic or intermediate level. It’s a book for self-learning and for teachers to use for classes. All subjects are in Polish and English.

“Use Words in Polish. Part II” is for basic and for pre-intermediate level. If you are a beginner or you know something about Polish, if you know several words up to around 2000 words, this book is for you. It’s a book for self-learning and for teachers to use for classes. All chapters are divided in six parts. All subjects are in Polish and English.

The first part is called Society/Community

Useful phrases about greetings, family, feelings. Vocabulary related to existence such as death, marriage or birth. A bit about clothes, body parts and describes appearance. But also about health and illness.

The second part is called The world around us

Here we will learn about countries, nationalities, languages. About life in the city and in the countryside. Topic about weather as well as animals. About traveling by transport that includes signs and symbols in the surrounding areas.

The third part is called At home

Food and drinks. Also about rooms in the house, and what can be found in a particular room. Many practical verbs in everyday use.

The fourth part is called Work and school

Topics about work, school and public transportation.

The fifth part is called Free time

A bit about food and entertainment. About sports, movies and shopping.

The sixth part is called social problems

Media-related topics, about everyday problems. Vocabulary about crimes and global problems.

All chapters with verbs include 7 cases in Polish and explains which case fits to the right verb;
The big plus about this book is that you don’t need to go chapter by chapter. Every chapter has an explanation. You can choose which one you need the most.
The book is written in Polish and English. The theory part consists of two languages. The exercises are only in Polish. On the last page of the book you can find answers for all exercises. 
The book includes many pictures that will help you to see the context of the chapter and make the book more fascinating. 

Free worksheets (exercises and answers)

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