Use Words II, Chapter 6, Body parts 2 / Części ciała 2

Ręka i noga 

(hand and leg)

bark – shoulder

braki – shoulders

ramię – arm

ramiona – arms

palec – finger

palce – fingers

ręka – hand

ręce – hands

kciuk – thumb

kciuki – thumbs

paznokieć – nail

paznokcie – nails

kolano – knee

kolana – knees

noga – leg

nogi – legs

stopa – foot

stopy – feet

palec – tool

palce – tools

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Hello, I am blogger, I write all interesting things about Brazil! It is a mysterious country and through my experiences, I share an exciting adventures and interesting facts. In the other side of my life .... I am starting my career as a Polish writer - writing Polish exercise books for foreigners. I am on my first project called "use words" for basic and for pre-intermediate level.

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