Cześć, I am Luiza. Polish writer – writing exercise books for foreigners studying Polish.

“Use Words in Polish. Part I” is for basic and for pre-intermediate level. If you are a beginner or you know something about Polish, if you know several words up to around 2000 words, this book is for you. It’s a book for self-learning and for teachers to use for classes. All chapters are divided in three parts. All subjects are in Polish and English. The first part explains Polish grammatical expressions. The second part explains commonly used verbs in the Polish language. The third part is related to grammar but also to vocabulary that will enrich your everyday conversation. The daily activities will allow you to comment on your daily routine. 

  • Very basic grammar subjects that you need to know about Polish language. 
  • How do you say “noun”, “verb”, “adjective” in Polish, and all about three ganders; genders maculine, feminine, neuter
  • common verbs in Polish, how to use them, how to express what you like or what you do;
  • As well as some grammar chapters like prepositions. 
  • All chapters with verbs include 7 cases in Polish and explains which case fits to the right verb;

The big plus about this book is that you don’t need to go chapter by chapter. Every chapter has an explanation. You can choose which one you need the most.

The book is written in Polish and English. The theory part consists of two languages. The exercises are only in Polish. On the last page of the book you can find answers for all exercises. 

The book includes many pictures that will help you to see the context of the chapter and make the book more fascinating. 

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