Cześć, I am Luiza. Polish writer – writing exercise books for foreigners studying Polish.

I am on the beginning of my adventure with writing the Polish exercise books for foreigners. I hope the first exercise book will come out by the end of this year. Due to corona virus everything is postpone. I am on my first project called “Use Words” for basic and for pre-intermediate level. If you are beginner or you know something about Polish. If you know several words up to around 2000 words, so this book is for you. Book for self-learning and for teachers to use for classes. Here I would like to represent to you my first book, and explain you through short videos about all the chapters.

“Use Words” for basic and for pre-intermediate level. All chapters are divided by groups. All subjects are in Polish. The first two categories “Very basic grammar” and “common verbs in Polish” will have explanation in Polish and English to help you understand the words and commands for exercises. I use very simple words to present the lesson. Only introduction and information about the book will be in English.

  • Very basic grammar subjects that you need to know about Polish language. How do you say “noun”, “verb”, “adjective” in Polish, and all about three ganders;
  • common verbs in Polish, how to use them, how to express what you like or what you do … . As well some grammar chapters as like prepositions. All chapters with verbs including 7 cases in Polish. Which case fits to right verb;
  • society and community – all about family, feelings, how to introduce yourself, important celebrations with the family, appearance;
  • all about the World – countries, nationalities, city and village life, weather, animals, travelling and trips;
  • my sweet home – food and drinks, places in the room;
  • work and school – all about work life and school life, as well news and ways of communication
  • my free time – sports, movies, places to go, activities, fun
  • social problems – media, daily problems, violence, global problems

The big plus about this book is that you don’t need to go chapter by chapter. I mean the best is do the first “very basic grammar” and after that you can choose the subject you like to study.

The chapter represent two or three pages. One page is a presentation of the chapter and other pages have exercises.

At the end of the book is a key word, where you can find a right answers.

As well Index that will help you to organised the words you will learn.

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